On Stage

The oldest ‘playing place’ is the Plen-an-Gwary in the heart of St Just, which is especially lively during (the weeks leading up to) the ‘Lafrowda’ Festival in July.

Look up the ‘Minack Theatre’ (in Porth Curno) to see what plays are on in this amazing open air amphitheatre perched on the cliffs high above the Atlantic Ocean. Discover how Rowena Cade built this remarkable place. For visits & tickets see the Minnack website.

The Tin Coast formed the backdrop of the popular Poldark television drama and also for Rosamund Pilcher’s novels, which were set in Cornwall. Find out about Poldark filming locations on the BBC or Visit Cornwall websites.

Finally, for those with an appetite for movies, check out the Penwith Film Society, visit the Newlyn Film House (with bar/bistro) with its eclectic programming, or Penzance Cinema.